Editing our Songbook

July 19, 2019

7/18/19 – Filmmaker Matt Gurren editing I STAND BEFORE YOU at his studio on Roosevelt Island. Part of our musical memoir, MICHAEL & DAN’S AMAZING QUEER SONGBOOK, this song – which we wrote in 1992 – is performed by the great Javier Muñoz. Coming soon!

Let Me Love You Now

July 15, 2019

7/16/19 – In celebration of our 44th anniversary we’re pleased to share this new film of our song LET ME LOVE YOU NOW performed by Brandon Haagenson with pianist/musical director Eric Svejcar. The latest film in a cycle of 10 short musical films created for our AMAZING QUEER SONGBOOK. Enjoy!

Celebrating our Pride

June 25, 2019

6/25/19 – In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall we’re happy to share A CIRCLE OF DIAMONDS – a short musical film based on our original song inspired by the late great Edie Windsor. Created in collaboration with B. Proud, Howie Michael Smith and Leah Bonvissuto. Performed by Jillian Louis and Nicole Van Giesen with musical direction by Chris McGovern. Enjoy!

Clay Artists x 2

May 22, 2019

5/17/19 – Ceramic sculptor Alfredo Ratinoff with Michael at Biello Martin Studio. Alfredo and his partner Shane are great new friends and Old City neighbors!

Bi Blues

May 9, 2019

5/8/19 – We’re pleased to share BI BLUES – the newest film in a cycle of 10 musical films created for our AMAZING QUEER SONGBOOK.  Sung by NYC based performer and Rock The Audition founder SHERI SANDERS with pianist ERIC SVEJCAR.  Enjoy!

PDD Rooftop Evening

May 9, 2019

5/8/19 – Celebrating with our studio-mate Kelly at the one year anniversary fundraiser for Philadelphia Design District on the roof of the newly renovated National Building in Old City. A lovely, fun evening!

Why Not A Fairytale

May 9, 2019

4/25/19 – We’re excited to share WHY NOT A FAIRYTALE – the first film in a cycle of 10 new musical films created for our AMAZING QUEER SONGBOOK.  Sung by NYC based performer/director BILLY BUSTAMANTE with pianist ERIC SVEJCAR.  Enjoy!

Our Songbook Trailer

May 9, 2019

4/9/19 – Check out this short (1 min) film trailer for our new project: MICHAEL & DAN’S AMAZING QUEER SONGBOOK – a musical memoir celebrating our 40+ years together as life partners, creative collaborators & LGBTQ cultural activists.

New Website!

March 28, 2019

3/28/19 – We’ve just launched our Amazing Queer Songbook website – a living memoir celebrating our 43 years together as songwriters and life partners – featuring a new series of original musical films. Please visit us HERE:

Don’t Tell Mama

March 8, 2019

3/6/19 – With Sierra Rein at Don’t Tell Mama in New York. Sierra sings a brilliant version of our song Table 3 in her 2019 Bistro Award winning / MAC nominated cabaret show Running in Place.