Our Songbook!

July 16, 2018

7/16/18 – Our crowdfunding campaign has about a month remaining. We’re excited and grateful to have raised almost half the funds we need to film and record 20 original songs we’ve written during our 43 years together. Will you help us reach our goal?

Little did we know when we were 9 year old boys that we’d find each other and build a life together centered in love and creativity. As far as the culture has come, there’s still work to be done.

Our Amazing Queer Songbook will document, celebrate and share our unique story of love and collaboration. And hopefully inspire those of us who’ve seen the changing times as well as those just beginning the journey.

Summer of Love

July 13, 2018

7/11/18 – At City Hall with photographer B. Proud for the opening of the Summer of Love Exhibition.  Michael has two of his erotic altar books in the show and B’s portrait of us from First Comes Love is being shown too!

Italian Design

July 1, 2018

7/1/18 – Biello Martin Studio highlighted in Italian design magazine IFDM‘s coverage of the newly formed Philadelphia Design District.

Our Musical Memoir!

May 23, 2018

5/22/18 – We’re excited to share the launch of a new project!  A musical memoir about our 43 years together as songwriters and partners in life and love.  We’re inviting some of the great musical theatre performers we’ve worked with over the years to film and record 20 of our original songs that reflect our history and the times we’ve lived through – from when we met in 1975 to the present.  We invite you to take a look at our crowdfunding campaign and consider making a contribution.  Thank you!

Table 3

May 9, 2018

5/9/18 – Here’s a video of Sierra Rein performing our song Table 3 live in her current show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York.  Check out Robert Windeler’s rave review in

New Songs

May 1, 2018

4/28/18 – A lovely concert at the studio by composer Jeremiah Downes. Featuring vocalists Alison Weisberg and Evan Gallagher-Frace. With percussionist Mark Nucero.

Flower Design Demo

April 16, 2018

4/15/18 – A lovely flower arranging presentation today at our PDD pop up showcase by Claudia & Vincent of Petit Jardin en Ville. Michael’s black & white Family Jewels are in the foreground.

Absolutely Present

April 15, 2018

4/14/18 – with Nicole Manning at the kick-off event for the newly formed River Wards Theatre Company where she performed our song Absolutely Present. Thank you Nicole!

Design District Premiere

April 15, 2018

4/13/18 – Dancer Beau Hancock in the Enchanted Forest at Philadelphia Design District‘s Launch Party at The Bridge. Directed by Melanie Stewart. Ceremonial clay cones by Biello. Red dress by Raymond Ercoli. Rock Table from Minima. Garden design by Petit Jardin en Ville. A beautiful opening celebration!


Philadelphia Design District

March 30, 2018

3/30/18 – We’re proud to be one of the founding members of this new group celebrating Old City Philadelphia as a vital center of creativity and design. A collaborative showcase at The Bridge Building, 2nd and Race, April 14th – 28th will feature Biello’s sculptural lighting along with art, furniture, and objects from our fellow Design District members. More info: