Michael & Dan’s Amazing Queer Songbook

Michael & Dan’s Amazing Queer Songbook is a musical memoir celebrating our 43 years together as songwriters and partners in life and love.  Songbook will feature 20 of our original songs  –  tunes originally created for our performance art musicals and theatre pieces as well as inspired by some of the amazing people we’ve met along the way – from pleasure activist Annie Sprinkle to marriage activist Edie Windsor.

In October 2018 we’ll film and record the first group of these songs with a stellar group of musical theatre performers in New York.  We’ll then launch an online platform to share the films.  We envision these recordings as part of a multimedia project that will eventually include lyrics and lead sheets plus original text and archival photos that document what was happening in our lives when we were writing each tune.

This is a legacy project for us – so that our songs will be shared, known, and live on past us  – documenting and celebrating our unique story of love and collaboration.

We invite you to consider making a contribution to our Songbook project HERE.  Fractured Atlas is our fiscal sponsor so all contributions are tax-deductible.  Thank you!


photo 2002 by Jon Stark