Annie Sprinkle

Dan and Michael with Annie in Chicago, 1999

Michael & Dan with Annie in Chicago, 1999


“Annie Sprinkle” is a musical homage to  the real life porn star turned  performance artist turned pleasure  activist. It’s sung from the POV of a  woman who’s inspired after seeing  Annie perform her Post Post Porn  Modernist show at the Kitchen in NYC. A  funny, bawdy, orgasmically original  show stopper!

Eight pages. Key of Ab modulating up to Bb. Vocal range Ab3 – G5.

To purchase this sheet music ($10.) please contact us at Transpositions available for an additional fee.

Sample Sheet Music for “Annie Sprinkle”


Jillian Louis performs “Annie Sprinkle” with Eric Svejcar at the piano, 2018.


Michele Ragusa performs “Annie Sprinkle” with Fred Lassen at the piano, 2011.