Annie Sprinkle

Dan and Michael with Annie in Chicago, 1999

Michael & Dan with Annie in Chicago, 1999


“Annie Sprinkle” is a musical homage to  the real life porn star turned  performance artist turned pleasure  activist. It’s sung from the POV of a  woman who’s inspired after seeing  Annie perform her Post Post Porn  Modernist show at the Kitchen in NYC. A  funny, bawdy, orgasmically original  show stopper! Eight page. Key of Ab  modulating up to Bb. Vocal range Ab3 –  G5.PDF of the piano/vocal score will be  emailed within 24 hours after the order  is received. Transpositions available for  an additional fee – please contact

Sample Sheet Music for “Annie Sprinkle”

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Michele Ragusa performs “Annie Sprinkle” with Fred Lassen at the piano, 2011.


“Annie Sprinkle” from the Chicago production of Q – the songs of Dan Martin & Michael Biello, 2000.