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Why Not a Fairytale?

June 17, 2011












Hear a clip from Why Not a Fairytale?

Erin Dilly and Randy Redd sing Why Not a Fairytale from The Cousins Grimm.  Jeff Caldwell is the pianist.  Photo is of Danni Smith as Jackie Grimm and Chad as Leon Grimm in the Chicago production (2009).

Strange Now

June 17, 2011









Hear a clip from Strange Now

Dan sings a techno-pop song on our 1992 album Human Being (out-of-print).  From Will Grega’s review in the All Music Guide: “Compassionate, raunchy, romantic and beautiful, Martin and Biello’s talents seem unending. Two of the most covered and cherished songwriters in our community.”

Music for Meditation

June 17, 2011













Hear a clip from Evening Meditation

Instrumental music for Debi Dunn’s CD of guided meditations.  Susan Hui wrote in New Visions Magazine “… Dan Martin’s floating music transposes one to the peaceful realm of contentment and bliss …”

CD available at

In My Body

May 23, 2011

Check out this video of our song performed live by Marissa Hines and the In My Body ensemble at our Painted Bride show in January!