In My Body


Part prayer, part affirmation, and part rock anthem – “In My Body” is a celebration of life! Originally inspired by our work with Body Electric and part of our musical Breathe – it’s now the title song for the In My Body Project– a concept musical about living in our bodies. An energetic affirmation of love for self and life!

Available in Male and Female keys.

Ten pages. Female: Key of A modulating up to Bb. Vocal range G#3 – C5. Male: Key of F modulating up to Gb. Vocal Range E4 – Ab5 (sung an octave lower).

To purchase this sheet music ($10.) please contact us at Transpositions available for an additional fee.

“In My Body” Sample Sheet Music


Marissa Hines and company perform “In My Body”, 2011.

Robb McKindles and company perform “In My Body”, 1997.