Table 3


“Table 3″ has been performed by Tony winner Karen Ziemba at Lincoln Center’s Bound for Broadway concert, Tony nominee Erin Dilly on the BMI Workshop Podcast, and by many others at concerts and cabarets in NYC and around the world. It’s part of our musical revue Q – the songs of Martin & Biello – and the female version is included in the BMI Workshop Songbook. Sung by a waitperson at a restaurant in NYC’s theatre district who’s busy serving impatient patrons while falling in love with the mysterious man at Table 3. A comic/romantic patter song/ballad combo tour de force show stopper! Available in (straight) female and (gay) male versions.

Eight pages. Female Version: 1st chorus in Ab, 2nd chorus in Bb. Vocal range F3 – D5. Male Version: 1st chorus in Eb, 2nd chorus in F. Vocal range C4 – A5 (sung an octave lower).

To purchase this sheet music ($10.) please contact us at Transpositions available for an additional fee.

Sample Sheet Music for the Female Version of “Table Three”


Watch Sierra Rein perform the female version of Table 3 live at the Laurie Beechman Theatre – NYC, 2018:

Watch Nick DeSantis perform the male version of Table 3 live – NYC, 2009 (over 14,000 views!):