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July 12, 2014


Papa’s Prince

April 20, 2013


Rehearsal for a short animated film we’re doing (Papa’s Prince) based on our Frog Prince song/scene from The Cousins Grimm.  Blake McCarty is the filmmaker and Ted Sod is the cowriter/producer.  Howie Michael Smith (L) is playing Froggy who falls for Javier Munoz (R) and begs him for a kiss.  Jeff Caldwell is the Musical Director/Pianist.  Jillian Louis and Sheri Sanders will be our chorus of singing toys!


April 15, 2013


Backstage with Ann Harada at the Broadway Theatre on April 2, 2013. Ann is hilarious as Charlotte – the “ugly” step-sister in this fabulous remake of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic.

WOLF-IN-SKINS afterparty

January 28, 2013

philadelphia dance projects hosted a party @ biello martin studio on 1/26/13 for the cast and crew of Christopher Williams dance-operawolf in skins 1 WOLF-IN-SKINS … the piece was magical as was the party!

In My Body Demos

December 21, 2012


Spent a few wonderful days in New York in December recording 9 new songs we’ve written for the In My Body Project.  Here’s Javier Munoz, Jonathan Brody, and Kelly Karcher rehearsing Holly & Hubby.  H & H is a short (p)opera – a love duet between a husband and wife healing from a near-death experience.  The libretto is based on a story by Kate Cipriano.  Kelly sang Holly, Javier sang Hubby, and Jonathan was our narrator.  Beautiful!

Breathe at The York

December 1, 2012

A sweet reading of our beloved musical Breathe at The York Theatre in NYC in mid-November. Thanks to our awesome cast and creative team!

In My Body

September 1, 2012

Our fabulous In My Body ensemble after our work session on August 15th in Malvern PA. L to R Front Row: Amy Baitinger, Melissa Hays, Eleonore Thomas, Jillian Louis, Susan J. Jacks, Kelly Karcher, Joanna Volpe, Kate Cipriano, Sheryl Kaller, and Robin Burdulis.  Middle Row: Jenny Hickman, Lis Kalogris, Sheri Sanders, April Woodall, Michael Biello, Dan Martin, and Jonathan Brody.  Back Row: Justyn Wade, Javier Munoz, and Fred Lassen

Chicago Authors at Biello Martin Studio

September 1, 2012

St. Sukie de la Croix – author of CHICAGO WHISPERS (center left) and Gregg Shapiro – author of GREGG SHAPIRO 77 (center right) – pose with Michael and Dan after reading from their books at Biello Martin Studio, August 9th, 2012


September 1, 2012

Our musical Breathe had a reading at Shetler Studios in New York on June 21st.  Directed by Bill Castellino, with Musical Direction by Christopher McGovern.  The cast included Harris Doran, Cameron Folmar, Jillian Louis, Javier Munoz, and Michele Ragusa.  Link to Playbill.com article:



June 16, 2011

















Rooms shouldn’t be designed in a way where everything has to be in the exact right place, avoiding what I like to call “disturbing perfection”. I prefer to design an interior that surprises, does not have a historical style but a humorous or theatrical statement. My interiors reflect a sense of identity so rooms never appear ordinary and are expressions of a mood or attitude. The plexiglas vintage letters from a hotel that is no longer in business are my surprise in this room for this summer. Humorously they bring into the room my mood, attitude or just my statement for this coming summer: HOT. I found these letters in a vintage-antique store during my Memorial Day weekend at the beach. It was a very HOT day and people in the store were really into the pair of gold sneakers I was wearing. Someone defined them as very HOT (the shoes or me?!). And the HOTEL HOLLYWOOD apparently was a very HOT spot for the summer down there. I decided: those letters were mine, but not all of them. I choose just three: H O T, the statement-mood-attitude of my summer and hopefully yours too. Stay cool but be HOT.

Ciao Ciao,