June 16, 2011

















Rooms shouldn’t be designed in a way where everything has to be in the exact right place, avoiding what I like to call “disturbing perfection”. I prefer to design an interior that surprises, does not have a historical style but a humorous or theatrical statement. My interiors reflect a sense of identity so rooms never appear ordinary and are expressions of a mood or attitude. The plexiglas vintage letters from a hotel that is no longer in business are my surprise in this room for this summer. Humorously they bring into the room my mood, attitude or just my statement for this coming summer: HOT. I found these letters in a vintage-antique store during my Memorial Day weekend at the beach. It was a very HOT day and people in the store were really into the pair of gold sneakers I was wearing. Someone defined them as very HOT (the shoes or me?!). And the HOTEL HOLLYWOOD apparently was a very HOT spot for the summer down there. I decided: those letters were mine, but not all of them. I choose just three: H O T, the statement-mood-attitude of my summer and hopefully yours too. Stay cool but be HOT.

Ciao Ciao,

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